Eviscerate It

Every time Peter Benchley would send Spielberg an updated version of the movie script adaption of his book, Jaws, Spielberg would return it with one simple message, in big red letters circled on the front “EVISCERATE IT”. This goes beyond keep it simple, it is the agile art of work not done that also highlights the focus on finding the essence of value and rapidly attacking it.

The leaner the functions the leaner the productivity. The less chance for waste.

Vertical Slice from the Top

Minimise everything not on the path to achieving the objectives

Testing value propositions will maximise the understanding of the value return profile of the effort. Digging a gold mine, not building a bridge.

Risks: black swans,

Each action should add value, maximing the value derived from pursuing the objective.

Eviscerate It, Usefulness over Truthfulness, Excellence Not Perfection, Apply 80-20 Rule, At each stage and when considering scope decisions, the focus will be on delivering the primary objective.