Concepts to Cards

Cards to Code

Code to Value


Creativity and productivity are maximised when actions are prioritised, agile and disciplined.

1. Prioritise - Every action has an opportunity cost so be effective not ineffective, have a bias to act. Now. The strategy should be in the tactics.

2. Optimize Agility – Embrace uncertainty. Track results, detach and re-evaluate effectiveness, reprioritise and decisevely adapt. 

3. "Discipline = Freedom"* - Agile is a response to uncertainty. Without discipline the uncertaintly will overwhelm. With discipline creativity and productivity will thrive in the face of uncertainty. Ignore this at your peril.


* This is Jocko Willink’s mantra and most excellent book.
Do also get Extreme Ownership and read it and listen to The Jocko Podcast.

Maximise Productivity – Prioritise and Execute

Maximise Learning and Creativity – Continuous Delivery

Continuously Review and Improve

Optimize Design – Chase Value and Minimize Waste

Mitigate High Impact Risks

Does the method, strategy and tactics apply the following principles? Tactical method and project strategy ensures priorities are set and reviewed so as to maximise results.

An action has a cost and return. There will be lots of potential actions. Actions can be intertwined.

This is the checklist for commencing and reviewing execution.



Here. Now. Embrace uncertainty.

  1. Action – Prioritize and execute now, be effective not ineffective.
  • Card playing meetings set priorities and focus execution.
  • Objectives in mind at all time.
  • The physical card keeps the focus.
  • Each action is either effective or ineffective in achieving the objectives.
  1. Reassess – Detach, re-evaluate effectiveness, reprioritise and adapt.
  • Each two weeks in the card playing section, when the new cards are selected, things are being repriorities, value is being chased.
  • In the retrospective the method is continually being reassessed.
  • If the communication focus is properly maintained then any individual who is stuck should be able to step back and get a fresh pair of eyes on their work from a colleague.
  1. “DISCIPLINE = FREEDOM” (Mantra from Extreme Ownership)
  • If you don’t stick to the top priority you will have a sub-optimal outcome.
  • If you don’t stick to the method you will have a sub-optimal outcome.
  • If you are disciplined you will thrive.