Tend to time-box to quarter years.

This gives 12 two week iterations with a bonus week that should be aligned with times everyone is on holiday so you have one three week iteration.

Paris Item Notes
10 am   Sit. rep. Situation report. What we did yesterday, what we plan for today, issues.

Must attend, so make it a good time.

First week of iteration
10.15 am   Iteration kick-off 20-30min. Development team gets together and reviews the objectives and the cards selected for development in the iteration.

Note any key dates.

The team leader allocates the first work.

11 am   Design session 30-60min. Design sessions involve key members of the development team and the business representative, subject matter experts and any other stakeholder who is interested. The goal is to get a deep understanding of the business requirements so that a solution can be designed.
10.15 am   PM update 15-30min. The project manager presents the updated project tracking and estimation report, a review of any new or newly redundant cards and advice on the implementation strategy. Project estimations and financial position are also reviewed as well as general management items.
11 am   Additional design session If required. 30min. If required a follow up design session is held. It is expected that at this meeting a design prototype would be presented ready for details to be iron out.
Second week of iteration
10.15 am   Progress check 20-30min. At the start of the second week in the iteration the development team get together to review progress, plan the week and discuss any open defects from the previous iteration that need to be closed before the Showcase on Friday.
11 am   Additional design session If required.
10.15 am   Design confirmation 30min. Following the initial Design Session designs will have been circulated and refined either face to face or by email with the business representative and subject matter experts. In the Design Confirmation Meeting the design of the cards expected to be developed in the upcoming iteration is confirmed. Note that even after the design is confirmed change, in order to maximise value, is always embraced.
10 am   Showcase 30min. A demonstration of completed (fully tested and production ready) software is given with all stakeholders invited. This is typically the cards completed in the iteration previous to the iteration ending on the day of the Showcase.
10.30 am   Card playing 15min. Immediately following the Showcase the stakeholders, lead by the business representative and agreed to by the development team leader, select the cards for development in the iteration starting the next week. The cards roughly expected for the iteration afterwards are also identified in order to solidify their design.
11 am   Retrospective 30min. The development team review the previous iteration in terms of how well communication, creativity and productivity were optimised so as to continually improve the development process.

Review Results given Objectives, Leadership and Execution.

Review each by Communication, Creativity and Productivity.

Review discipline in sticking to process.

Take ownership of faults and own the solutions.

Implement adaptations.