Mission first. Team Forever.


Results are the value from achieving objectives. 
Results are maximised when creativity and productivity are maximised.

1. Objectives – Must be stated, agreed, and backed by clear intentions. They should have measurable success criteria and be related to meaningful purposes.

2. Creativity – Ideas maximise value. They are expected from everyone. Communication and trial drive creativity. Creative reflection should be given to everything, including strategy, quality, and productivity.

3. Productivity – Efficiency is driven by communication, a focus on objecti

Eye on the prize.

But …

This probably won’t be your last mission with your team. If you don’t put them first your current mission will be sub-optimal and your leadership capital will be depleted for future missions.

Team leadership is the key factor for ensuring ongoing success, and this means looking after your team.

Design and Delivery Value

Achieve objectives. Add value.

  1. Objectives – clear intent, meaningful purpose, constrained optimization framework.
  • In the 5 Step PEP and on the wall. Keep your eye on the prize.
  • Objectives should be clear in their intent. We are not spelling out the work done but the desired outcome. We want to decentralize our command in order to get the best, most creative and productive solution.
  • Objectives should be underpinned by believable purposes, also on the wall.
  • Purpose is engaging.
  • Our purpose here is lifelong insurance, and this is very important to people. Your communications might be about new helpdesk option to reset your password but don’t forget that helps people insure what is precious to them.
  • Objectives are constrained, we are limited in time, money, scope. By keeping this constraints in mind we best use our resources.
  • Constraints make our reprioritizing and reviewing sharper and leaner.
  • We chase value better because we are constrained.
  • We also test the value of the constraints because they exist.
  1. Creativity – from everyone from communication. Always think innovation, apply to strategy, quality, productivity.
  • All design meetings and workshops should be open to everyone.
  • Look for the best in new ideas and look for new ideas everywhere.
  • We capture every idea, there only scope committed to is the scope for the next two week, so there is no such thing as a dumb idea.
  • We all know what everyone else is working on so ideas will flow, the culture needs to be one where these can be communicated
  • Leader must set the example by:
    • Checking their ego.
    • Listening
  1. Productivity – from communication and objective focus. Make it visible, ensure quality, minimize waste.
  • Productivity becomes very transparent.
  • As everyone is focused but with a maintainable iteration schedule productivity is not generally an issue unless someone is genuinely not productive (then it is clear for the leader to step in and help / manage).
  • Productivity is well reported and estimation is no longer a moral hazard, this, in itself, improves productivity.
  • Productivity is on display and acknowledged in showcases.