Agile Principles & Methods from War and Economics


Achieve objectives. Add value.

  1. Objectives – clear intent, meaningful purpose, constrained optimization framework.
  2. Creativity – from everyone from communication. Always think innovation, apply to strategy, quality, productivity.
  3. Productivity – from communication and objective focus. Make it visible, ensure quality, minimize waste.


Lead people. Deliver results.

  1. Ownership – own the objectives, own the problems, own the solutions. Credit others.
  2. Relationships – lead in all directions, listen, flank, provide purpose, autonomy and mastery.
  3. Standards – are not what is stated but what is demonstrably accepted.


Here. Now. Embrace uncertainty.

  1. Action – Prioritize and execute now, be effective not ineffective.
  2. Reassess – Detach, re-evaluate effectiveness, reprioritise and adapt.
  3. “DISCIPLINE = FREEDOM” (Mantra from Extreme Ownership)


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